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Host Coaching

Listing Audit

Design Services

Interested in elevating your listing? In this package, we will cover the basics and beyond of attracting guests to book your home. We will do a virtual walk through of your space, amenities, and how your listing is portrayed to potential guests! We offer tips, tools, and tricks to ensure you become a successful host. 

What's included:

  • 2 60-min Zoom calls  (includes a tour of your space)

  • A plan to improve your listing, which covers decor, amenities, and any listing edits

  • 1 month of support following our initial meeting




Cost of Services: $ 500

You already have a listing created but are not sure how to market yourself, or are not sure how to stand out from your competition. In this package we will go through every aspect of your listing, including the wording you use to describe your space, photography, and ideal booking settings. ​

What's included:

  • We will go through your listing in great detail. We are the top rated hosts and listings in our area, and well decorated in the Airbnb hosting community

  • An easy to follow plan to improve your listing, including description writing assistance, settings, and photography advice

  • A follow up meeting to se how you are doing with edits made

Cost of Services: $ 250

  • Does your home have a unique style?

  • Does it tell a story to your guests?

  • Do your decor and design choices honor the integrity of your home? 

Do you need assistance with a full renovation or simply styling your space. Allow us to help!


Bonus: It can all be done virtually! Ask us how.








Cost of Services: Request a quote today!

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